Welcome to the world by Daria Solar

You know how it is with painting….
you’re buying coffee, watering flowers, you get stuck in a traffic jam
and suddenly you have an idea for another piece.
It’s just everywhere – in colors, lights, smiles, faces, and most often in the evening news.

Sometimes you let the idea mature over the years,
sometimes you put it on the canvas straight away – because you just can’t wait!
And so it goes. Every minute of your life. Always.

When you look at my art, you get to know me quite well. It’s like talking to me.
And when you learn my art,

you may find that the it is same world that we actually share.

Welcome to my world.

VIRTUAL BOY - Art against Paedophilia
VIRTUAL BOY – [ oil on canvas 80×50 cm]

Individual exhibitions:

  • “OPTYMIASTO” Hotel Goodtime ApartHotel, Łódź, 2018
  • “ZIEMIA WODA POWIETRZE” Tulipan Centrum Handlowe, Łódź 2017
  • “Realizm i Magia” Galeria Forum, Łódź 2011
  • “Patria Flamenco” Muzeum Fabryki, Manufaktura, Łódź 2011
  • “Espańa” Costa del Mar, Manufaktura, Łódź, 2010
  • “Karnawałowy Przepych”, Klub Nauczyciela, Łódź, 2010
  • “Calle Sol” pod egidą Festiwalu Flamenco, 2009
  • “FantAktis” -wystawa aktu, Galeria In-Blanco, Łódź, 2008

Awards and Competitions

  • “Quadro-Art” International Biennal of Painting for Professional Artists – Competition [commendation], Łódź, 2014
  • “Poezja Bałuckich Podwórek” Galeria In-Blanco,wystawa pokonkursowa, Łódź, 2010 [first prize]
  • “XI Pokonkursowa Wystawa im.Stanisława Ostrowskiego” Centrum Inicjatyw Artystycznych, Łódź, 2010 [first prize]
  • “Wystawa Poplenerowa SPA” ŁDK  2010 [ second prize ]
  • “Morze 2009” Wystawa Marynistyczna SPA, Łódź, 2009 [second prize]
  • “Inspiracje” Śródmiejskie Forum Kultury, 2009, [Special Award]
  • “Wystawa Poplenerowa SPA”  ŁDK, 2009 [commendation]
  • “Wystawa Poplenerowa SPA” ŁDK, 2008 [ commendation]
  • “Ptaki” Śródmiejskie Forum Kultury, 2007, [ commendation ]