buy or commission

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Dear Customer,

Thank you for your interest. Let me assist you with your purchase or commission.


3 easy steps:

  1. you contact me and tell me which painting you like and we negotiate the price,
  2. you send money for the painting via PayPal/bank transfer/Transferwise service or cash
  3. I send you the parcel with your painting

A few days later the painting will make you feel great looking at you from your wall. 🙂

or via

brick or click  😉  GALLERIES  

You can purchase a painting via one of the on-line galleries. The advantage is diversified payment system, the disadvantage is a considerably higher price [up to 50% of the price] due to the gallery commission and shipping and handling fees.

Drogi Kliencie,

Dziękuję za zainteresowanie moim malarstwem, Pozwól, że pomogę ci przy zakupie lub zamówieniu obrazu:

JAK KUPIĆ OBRAZ: 3 proste kroki: 

  1. skontaktuj się ze mną i powiedz, który obraz Ci się podoba, i ponegocjujemy cenę,
  2. wyślesz pieniądze za obraz za pośrednictwem PayPal / przelewu bankowego / usługi Transferwise, możesz też dostarczyć mi gotówkę osobiście i jednocześnie zabrać swój obraz. 
  3. Prześlę ci paczkę z twoim obrazem kurierem

Wkrótce mój obraz będzie umilał ci nastrój już z twojej ściany. 🙂

Możesz też zostać właścicielem obrazu przez


Możesz kupić obraz w jednej z galerii internetowych.

Zaletą jest zróżnicowany system płatności, wadą jest znacznie wyższa cena [do 50% ceny] ze względu na prowizję galerii oraz opłaty za wysyłkę i obsługę.

Now, in detail:

If you are interested in one of the paintings that are available, [the information on availability is written under the photo] please, use the link under the painting to contact me about this particular piece specifying where you’d like to have the painting shipped. I will e-mail you the negotiable price of the painting including shipping details to your location [the price of shipping will depend on the distance from your house to my study in Poland] I will also e-mail you more photos of the piece, including the frame and the back side. All my paintings are framed and have a certificate of authenticity attached at the back of the painting.


There are a number of ways to pay for your painting.

First of all, you’re welcome to come to my study in Lodz, Poland, choose your favourite piece and pay cash. You are very welcome to stay for a cup of coffee and a nice chat. However, if you live far, that might be a bit troublesome.

Luckily, there is technology to help us.


Once you have selected your painting and we have arranged shipping details, I will prepare a Pay-Pal-Me link [it is a code generated for a given amount by PayPal and payable from another PayPal account.] If you do not have a PayPal account, you can easily create one – it takes 5 minutes to get it. It is the safest method of payment as the money is transferred to me not from your bank or credit card, but from PayPal account. This way your bank or credit card information is secure. You can use Paypal for shopping on the internet with absolute security of your data. Paypal charges the recipient 3% of the transferred amount.


Another convenient option is TransferWise online, this money transfer company accepts money in your country currency, and its Polish branch office pays me its equivalent in PLN [Polish zloty], it charges a small fee for the transfer, yet it is much cheaper than PayPal. All you need to do is establish an account which is as simple as with PayPal. Let me know in an e-mail you are on TransferWise and I’ll issue a payment link for you.


You can pay by money transfer to my bank account. I’ll give you my bank number in e-mail together with a “Sale contract” with my signature where I declare that I will ship the painting to your address after receiving the payment]. Please mind that currency change fees may be applied.


5 easy steps:

  1. write me and tell me your idea to discuss details :  size/frame type/style/extra elements in the painting/separate photo session  and NEGOTIATE the price
  2. you send me a deposit [roughly 1/3 of your investment]
  3. I paint your piece [which may take up to 3 months, depending on the technique]
  4. I send you a photo by e-mail to discuss final corrections and after your approval ship the piece in a parcel

And you can enjoy your new investment straight from your wall.

Now, in detail:

If you would like to order a painting, please use the contact form and tell me about your idea.

I paint commissioned paintings mostly based on photos.


The first stage is establishing the parameters of the work; who is to be in it, whether a background is to be included, how large the work is to be, which medium and an idea of how much you would be prepared to spend. (Please be aware that, when discussing size, artists think about the canvas or paper size whereas you will be thinking about the overall size which includes the frame). All my paintings are framed, the price of the frame is included, unless you specifically decide to order an unframed piece and frame the painting yourself, in such case, the price of the frame will be deducted from the final price.

The next stage is discussing the theme of the painting, is it a portrait, nude, landscape, animal or an abstract piece. If you’d like to have a portrait painted from a photo, I will ask you to send me the photo in digital format, or a set of photos and we agree on the selection of the photos, the pose and any additional elements that the would like the painting to present.

In the boy’s portrait there is a parchment with a message, a life motto from his parents.

The second painting is a combination of statues from Lodz placed in front of the Philharmonic Orchestra’s building. If you would like a favourite team painted, just let me know and we will create a new piece together.


I can come and make a photo shoot at a chosen location, or organize a series of live posing sessions, in both cases the commissioner covers travel and accommodation costs so the cost of the painting will be much higher.