My painting “The Bond” headed to the Moon

[Polska wersja poni偶ej]
One of my paintings is headed for the Moon!!
I鈥檓 honored to be one of the artists of the Lunar Codex collections headed for the Moon.
The Lunar Codex (a three-phase project with two in 2022 and one in 2023/24) is a project curated by physicist, award-winning author and film producer, Dr. Samuel Peralta. Dr. Peralta has collected a selection of digital versions of music, art, and literature which will be included within time capsules, and placed on the moon as a testimony to our cultural heritage. My painting will fly on the 2023/24 Astrobotic Griffin mission, ridesharing with the NASA VIPER rover, and launched by SpaceX to the Lunar South Pole. [So I will fly with SpaceX eventually … just digitally ;)]
I would like to thank Dr. Peralta, PoetsArtists, Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, 33 Contemporary Gallery, NASA, and SpaceX for creating this amazing opportunity!
More information: #LunarCodex #poetsartists #33contemporary #samuelperalta
p.s. The painting that is flying is available via Artsy/33contemporary Gallery, so if you decide to make it your own, you will own a piece of art making a history!
Jeden z moich obraz贸w poleci na Ksi臋偶yc!!
Mam zaszczyt by膰 w grupie artyst贸w, kt贸rych obraz poleci na Ksi臋偶yc w ramach programu Lunar Codex.The Lunar Codex, to projekt, kt贸rego kuratorem jest fizyk, wielokrotnie nagradzany autor i producent filmowy, dr Samuel Peralta. Dr Peralta skomponowa艂 kolekcj臋 cyfrowych wersji utwor贸w muzycznych, dzie艂 sztuki i literatury, kt贸re zostan膮 umieszczone w kapsu艂ach czasu i umieszczone na Ksi臋偶ycu jako 艣wiadectwo naszego dziedzictwa kulturowego.
M贸j obraz poleci z misj膮 “Astrobotic Griffin 2023/24”, na pok艂adzie 艂azika NASA “VIPER” i b臋dzie wystrzelony przez SpaceX na Ksi臋偶ycowy Biegun Po艂udniowy. [Wi臋c w ko艅cu polec臋 ze SpaceX鈥 tyle 偶e cyfrowo ;)]
Chcia艂bym podzi臋kowa膰 dr Peralcie, PoetsArtists, Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, 33 Contemporary Gallery, NASA i SpaceX za stworzenie tej niesamowitej misji!Wi臋cej informacji: #LunarCodex #poetsartists #33contemporary #samuelperalta
M贸j obraz “Wi臋藕,” kt贸ry poleci na ksi臋偶yc, jest dost臋pny w Galerii Artsy/33contemporary [link w komentarzu], wi臋c je艣li zdecydujesz si臋 doda膰 go do swojej kolekcji, b臋dziesz w艂a艣cicielem dzie艂a sztuki tworz膮cego histori臋!

Carbon Thanatos on Artsy @ 33Contemporary gallery

My Carbon Goddess listed on Artsy! 馃檪


Click the link below to see a current CO2 counter for this year 馃槮

the data is overwhelming…this includes the electricity you are using to see this text…and to transport and make everything that you and me have bought this year.