Electric: Internal Landscapes

“Internal Landscapes” is a collection of  paintings introducing you to the magical and mysterious world of internal architecture of your computers. It is the world hidden from human eye, stuck in those humming metal enclaves into which you look only when something breaks down, the mysterious world where hardware guys place some wired metal blocks that few of us understand.

Przystań Harbour Daria Solar 100x60Harbour – oil on canvas – 100×60 

“Harbour” is my serene digital-marine theme portraying a motherboard frigate with chip-sails that is currently harboured, but just about to set sail onto the ocean of data.

“One night in Bangkok” “Noc w Bangkoku”
oil on canvas/olej na płótnie 120×75
Why? Because the song, this song was playing in my brain, all the time, and I can hear it now when I’m looking at this painting. It is much more 3D in reality 🙂
Dlaczego “Noc w Bangkoku” od piosenki, tej, no wiecie, bo mnie męczyła cały czas jak malowałam, i teaz gra sobie w mojej głowie jak na niego patrzę. 🙂 W realu efekt 3D jest mocniejszy.

Wieżowce we Mgle Skyscrapers in the Mist daria Solar 50x70
Sky-scrapers in the mist – oil on canvas – 50×70 – SOLD

My skyscrapers are looming in the misty digital morning light, surrounded by the tranquillity of luminescent hues. Underneath… the base of reflected metal array flows down as the city sap, mingled, bustling, life-like, deep.

Tower Bridge Daria Solar 40x70

Tower Bridge – oil on canvas – 40×70 – sold

Wild Wild West 35x75 Daria Solar 2019 final warm

Wild Wild West -oil on canvas -35×75

Konik wild wild west Daria Solar 2019

The horse pulling the cyber wagon 😉

światła Miasta City Lights Daria SOlar 60x60 ciemniejszy

City Lights – oil on canvas 60×60 – sold.


Philharmonics, oil on canvas 90x60cm available at http://leonarda.gallery 

Metropolis Metropolia Daria SOlar 2020 oil on canvas

Metropolis 2020 oil on canvas, 120×60 [or so ;)] available at http://leonarda.gallery 

Dzień dobry Good Morning by Daria Solar 2020 oil on canvas

“Good morning” 60×30 oil on canvas, 2020

Let’s visualize the effect in a home environment 🙂

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