a series of paintings commenting on human relationship with technology

CIRCUIT - OBWÓD 100x80 poziomo-normalnie
CIRCIUT oil on canvas – 80×90
oil on canvas - 2019 - 50x80 - available


Compatible – 33×46 – oil on canvas – 2016 – sold

VIRTUAL BOY - Art against Paedophilia
VIRTUAL BOY – Art against Paedophilia. My response. A warning. Don’t let your child become anybody’s toy. [ oil on canvas 80×50 cm, based on a photo by Evelyn Bencicova ] I consider this painting to be one of my best works. Available.

The painting is my reaction to Russian involvement in the European politics in their campaign to disintegrate European Union. EU is the only force on our continent economically capable of exercising any influence on the Russian government, therefore, weakening EU is Russia's strategic goal. Britain fell prey to this campaign of manipulation supporting separatist parties and nationalist movements all over Europe, and voted out of Europe, which, in my opinion, is a huge mistake. I have painted this piece to make people aware of Russian involvement in their national politics as I believe artists' role is to comment. Russia pours millions in sponsoring hackers and spin doctors who ridicule EU institutions and politicians supporting European unity and instill fear of foreigners and strengthen anti-European emotions. This happens all over E.U. and we should make this stop. My pretty Russian cyborg seems harmless and cute, yet it has a gruesome aim. Do think twice before you cast your ballot.
BREXIT – oil on canvas – 70×90, 2019 – still drying 🙂 available
oil on canvas - 80x80 -available


oil on canvas 45x70
[Good Night – The painting illustrates my perception of a growing dependence on technology. This beauty blows the candle to connect to the socket for the night…to become the light source herself. She is the wizard of light supported by .

Available. Contact me about this work. 


zuzanna i drony Daria Solar 120x80 2019 olej FINAL

see more images in the gallery below:


Baffled Euterpe oil on canvas 30x70 by Daria Solar
Baffled Eutherpe – oil on canvas 30×70 – available for sale. Contact me about this work.
PLAY na stronenew
PLAY the entire story, oi on canvas 50x100cm
PLAY – part of a larger piece – 50×50 – oil on canvas – 2011 – available – Contact me about this work.
PLAY – part of a larger piece – 50×50 – oil on canvas – available – Contact me about this work.
WRATH oil on canvas 60x1210 by Daria Solar
WRATH – oil o n canvas – 60x120cm – available –  Contact me about this work

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