Kapłanka Daria SOlar 120x100 olej na płótnie

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The priestess of GMO is my answer to the subject of genetic manipulation of basically almost all living beings used in the economy, Both plants and animals whose properties have been genetically changed by crossbreeding for thousands of years are currently being changed at the cellular level by scientists testing different configurations of DNA chain and mixing different species. They are researching quite chaotic results which will eventually lead to the desired effect. In the painting you can see my GMO priestess with six fingers and toes, dressed in a stole on which GMO faith is symbolized by a strawberry with peppers growing out of it, surrounded by a strand of DNA, who is celebrating a laboratory GMO mass, in which a mysterious transformation of the gene chain into life takes place on her hands sunk in dry ice. This transformation seems to be quite similar to the mysterious transformation of wine into blood. The picture is supposed to draw attention to the mystery of GMO, which, like the mystery of faith, takes place in secretive temples of science, beyond the eyes of crowds, and is celebrated by priests of knowledge which is not given to all, for the benefit …or loss of the sheepfold of consumers of these genetically manipulated goods.




a series of paintings placing mythological beings in a new context

HADES and PERSEFONE 120x60cm oil on canvas 2018 Daria Solar

             HADES and PERSEPHONE 120x60cm oil on canvas – available 
       the painting can be hung in 3 different directions, see the gallery below: 



[from German – Rabenmutter]Matka Krukow RAVENSMUTER Daria Solar 120x55 2019

See more images in the gallery below:



Ascension 2018 oil on canvas 100x100cm by Daria Solar
                                  Ascension – 2018  – oil on canvas – 100x100cm

Fenix and Atlas
Phoenix and Atlas oil on canvas 30×70 – available for sale Male nude is based on a spectacular photo by Jaap de Jonge:

feniks i siłacze po edycji na strony
“Phoenix and Strongmen” – oil on canvas 30×70 – 2007 – collection of the artist


Summer 1812 – oil on canvas – 33×46 – sold.

you dont read - Im not having sex with you by Daria Solar oil on canvas 40x60
You don’t read, I’m not having sex with you. oil on canvas 40×60 – sold.

Mantis oil on canvas 50×60 – sold

Vintage 7 Nude with a pallette oil canvas 38x50 Daria SOlar 2017
Vintage 7 – Nude with a palette – oil canvas 38×50 – 2017  – sold


NEPTUNE – 25×35 – watercolour pencil on paper & photoshop filters – available for prints

arachnme wersja ostateczna - Kopia
Arachne – 18×24 – oil on canvas – 2007 – collection of the artist.

syzyf finaljpg
Sisyphus – oil on canvas – 18×24 – 2007 – framed – sold

zimorodek final
Kingfisher – 18×24 – oil on canvas – 2007 – sold


– a series of paintings based on photos from 1880-1930.

vintage 2 part2 bez ramy
Vintage vol.2 – oil on canvas – 30×30 – 2012 – sold.

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